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UV light killing bacteria for pool/ food/cosmetic/pharmacy

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UV sterilizer introduction

UV disinfection is a physical process that instantaneously neutralizes microorganisms as they pass by ultraviolet lamps submerged in the effluent. The process adds nothing to the water but UV light, and therefore, has no impact on the chemical composition or the dissolved oxygen content of the water.

UV sterilization wave band is mainly between 200nm and 300nm, the band of 253.7nm sterilization ability is the strongest. When all kinds of bacteria and virus in water or air go through the area where UV rays (253.7nm) shine, UV rays penetrate microbial cell membrane and nucleus, destroy the molecular link of DNA or RNA, make it lose copy ability or lose liveness and die, so kill all bacteria and virus in water or air without using any chemical drug. UV sterilization technology is the latest disinfection technology spring up at the end of 1990s.


UV light will kill any DNA based micro organism when give enough UV dosage.

UV break micro organism’s DNA in a cumulative basis.

Continuous disinfection in cooling water. If micro organism is not effectively deactivated on the first disinfection cycle and in the next cycle it get UV treated.

For 90% kill algae 30000 μWs/cm2 is required for one cycle .

UV spectrum between 185-400nm has a strong germicidal effect, with peak effectiveness at 265nm.

UV works instantaneously against all water-borne microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and protozoa – including those resistant to chlorine.

UV systems are also very easy to use and can be effectively monitored and integrated with online process control systems.

UV disinfection systems are very compact, modular and easy to

install into existing water treatment systems.

UV does not cause the formation of chemical disinfection by-

products, many of which can have undesired effects of their own.

UV sterilizer is eco-friendly and cost effective.


Guanyu series UV sterilizer equipment features:

1, Adopting high efficiency UV-C (LL or LH) lamp

Guanyu UV sterilizer adopts world leading low pressure and high strength UV tube, whose operation life is above 12000 hours.

2, Adopting high light transmittance, high purity quartz drivepipe, ensure UV rays transmittance rate above 90%.

3, Adopting world advanced constant high strength UV special ballast, ensure the whole system normally operate in a complex condition.

4, Adopting high quality stainless steel as reactor (304 or 316L), reactor inwall is special polished to improve sterilization effect.


1, Food, beverage, beer, edible oil, all kinds of canned goods, cold drinks products etc. using water disinfection

2, Electrons industry ultra pure water, military camps, outdoor water supply system

3, Hospital, lab, high content causative agent waste water disinfection

4, Residents building, housing estate, office building, hotel, restaurant, waterworks disinfection

5,Aquatic product processing purification, shellfish purification, fish processing purification etc.

6, Town wastewater sterilization

7, Swimming pool, other entertainment water sterilization

8, Thermal power, industrial cooling water, central air conditioner system cooling water disinfection

9, Biology, chemical pharmaceutical, cosmetic using water disinfection

10, Seawater, freshwater seeding, aquaculture water, total processing water can reach 200,000 tons per day

11,Agricultural water, greenhouse water, irrigation disinfection etc.

Optimal service condition

As UV is a short- wavelength light wave, it has low radiant energy and weak penetrating power and can only kill the microorganisms it directly radiates on. Therefore, in order to enhance the bacteria-killing efficiency and ensure the security of drinking water, the incoming water into the sterilizer must meet the following standard.

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