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Purify sea water to drinking water

Water purification plant-
Seawater desalination system

Capacity: 1-1.5m3 /D(20℃)
Inlet water TDS: ≤40000mg/L
Inlet Temp.: 5~36 ºC
Inlet water capacity: ≈2m3/h
Inlet PH range: 3.0~10.0
Inlet pressure range: -0.1~6kg/cm2
Output salt rate: ≤700PPM
Desalination rate: ≥98.5%
Output standard: Meet GB5749-06 residential drinking water standard
Output pH range 6.5~8.5
Output water pressure: >0.15Mpa
Recovery rate: ≈28%(Depends on inlet water quality and  Temp.)

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